Clean Glass System √

Double Combustion System √

Power 12 kW

Efficiency 81 %

Heating capacity 300 m3

Consumption 3 kg/h

Weight 103 kg

Maximum logs size 60 cm

Useful chamber measures 580x306x286mm

Includes tangential turbine of 290 m3/h for all versions
(with 2 speed switch)



Optional silkscreened glass for all versions


Vermiculite interior

Regulation of combustion air

Height-adjustable rotating
grill of 300x300 mm

Handle E1000

Handle E1000S

Made of steel and finished in paint resistant to 650ºC.

Cast iron door with vitro ceramic glass resistant to 750ºC.
Removable cast iron grill for easy cleaning.
Removable ash pan for easy cleaning.
Free glove.

It includes kit for wall hanging

L1 (Black Woodshed)