Power Max 16,5 kW

potenciacedidaalaguapng Power transferred to the water (Max-Min) 15,5-6,5kW

Heating capacity 387 m3

Efficiency 93-96 %

consumopng Consumption 3,7-1,5 kg/h

autoniomiapng Autonomy 5,6-17,6 h

nelementospng Nº radiator elements* 82
sueloradiantepng Underfloor heating (m2)* 120

capacidaddepositopng Hopper capacity 65kg

SistemaModulacionpng Modulation System

potelecpng Electric power (W): 70-300

Fume outlet diameter: 80mm

Air inlet diameter: 40mm

intmetpng Metalic inside

quemadorfundpng Cast-iron burner

vasoexpansionpng Closed expansion vesse (l): 8

barpng Working pressure (bar): 1,5
barmaxpng Working maximum pressure (bar): 2,4
valvuladevaciadopng Válvula de vaciado
valvulacirculadorapng Valve for drinning water

Weight 155 kg

temperaturapng Maximum service
temperature (°C): 40/80

Grafic LCD for programming and management of the boiler.

Management of heating and sanitary hot water.

Closed expansion vesse 8 liters

Security systems:
  Safety thermostat pellet
  Safety thermostat water
  Air flow switch
  Safety valve 3 bar
  Pressure setting valve

With the WIFI KIT it is now possible to control your stove through any device with internet access (computer, mobile, tablet ...). Through an application, you will have access to your stove/boiler in order to know its status, change the temperature, turn it on and off, make daily schedules, etc. You must have a wireless connection in the place where the equipment is installed.