Telephone assistance: Boreal has a telephone assistance service on (+34) 957 22 40 00 where we will attend all your queries.

Easy installation: All Boreal models are designed for an easy installation and they have instruction manual, containing all the steps, so that it is a simple and quick task.

2 years warranty: The Boreal models have 2 years warranty, as long as the requirements specified by the manufacturer are met.



Double Combustion System: Technology in which, through a second air inlet preheated in the combustion chamber, it is possible to achieve a second combustion of the unburned gases from the first combustion. In this way, it achieves a high output of the stove or fireplace, fuel economy as
well as reduces pollutants.

Security System in Turbine: most of our models with turbine incorporate a security system so that if the user forgets to activate the switch of the turbine, they work automatically alone from 60°C, preventing the electrical system burns.

Clean Glass System: System based on the air inlet from outside the equipment (secondary) and which is carried to the inner side of the glass, improving the combustion, preventing it from quickly blacken and allowing a greater view of the fire.

Surround System Oven: with this system, it is possible to heat the oven quickly and efficiently since the smokes from the combustion chamber go around the oven, for example, through the sides and the upper part, which causes a regular and uniform heating.

Double Chamber System: the double chamber creates an air chamber between the combustion chamber and the outer surface of the stove or fireplace, reducing possible thermal shocks against walls and creating an efficient natural convection.

Modulation system: through which the model modulates to different power levels when it has reached the chosen temperature leading to a significant saving in terms of fuel. It includes StandBy system, whereby the stove shuts off when it reaches the desired room temperature, and turns on again when it is necessary to reach that room temperature again.

With the Smart Control System, the stove detects and analyzes variables such as quality of pellet, installation characteristics and environmental factors, in order to self-configure and optimize its operation.

Double Cleaning System:This new system developed by Boreal, consists of the rotation of 360º of the base of the burner at the same time that this base is cleaned in depth and automatically by a high-resistance brush. This will clean the burner base of the ashes that have not yet fallen by gravity into the ashtray drawer. Thanks to this system, the user will enjoy maximum comfort and autonomy of the boiler, without having to clean the burner manually.



Cast-iron firebox of high performance

Closing adjustment system patented



CE: European marking that certifies the product complies with the legal and technical requirements.

EN-13240: European Standard for stoves using solid fuel.

EN-13229: European Standard for inserts (including open inserts) using solid fuel.

pr16510: European Standard for independent devices using solid fuel.

14785: European Standard for domestic heating pellet equipments

EN-613: European Standard for domestic heating appliances which meet the requirements to be hermetic.

15a B-VG: Austrian certification regulating and checking heating systems and energetic economies.

UNE-EN-303/5 CLASE 4: Efficiency and emissions regulation applicable to biomass heating boilers (up to 500 kW).

ECODESIGN: Ecodesign requirements for boilers and heating appliances that use solid fuels. To be applied from 1 January 2020-2022.

Flamme Verte: French Certification ensuring quality, efficiency and high performance of wood and pellet heating products.